Students on when Mcquaid should close because of snow.



Cut line #1 (proximity technique)

Snowstorms makes it hard for students who take the bus or are driving to get to school and that seems like a good recipe for a snow day, so I asked students when they think is the right time to close school.

We have gotten to the winter season and with that comes snow. We have had Students have some idea when the right time to close Mcquaid.

“When it gets to the point where everyone is going to be late and the highway is like super backed up and the plows can’t get out then that is when you should close” says daily bus rider Keegan Bedford ’22

 “When it becomes dangerous to be on the roads. Where buses and cars will be backed up like 20 minutes because of accidents then that is where you have to make the decision to close” says Jeffery Gerstner ’21 who drives to school. 

So far this year we’ve had two days where we could’ve had snow days. Instead Mr. Hershel and Mr. Baber decided that it was best to switch it to a flex first schedule.

“I don’t like the idea of switching the flex period, if buses were going to be late anyways then why not just close the school” says Bedford

“I feel like it’s easier to close the school because with all the snow and ice on the road and highway it makes it the danger of getting in an accident is much greater in a snowstorm” says Gerstner.

Students seem to have the same idea of when school should close.