McQuaid hosts Speech and Debate tournament

McQuaid students won big time at the speech and debate tournament hosted on home ground.

On Dec. 14th. McQuaid students competed in debate, public address, limited preparation, and interpretation events at our own tournament. Despite only bringing 3 of our own seniors, we still managed to win the competition. This is because of the massive attendance underclassmen had.

However, what makes this specific tournament interesting is the fact that it was run by the new speech and debate coach Keisa Hlywa. She set up rooms, managed judges and competitors, and she helped tally up scores of rounds.

After the tournament, I talked with the Webster-Schroeder coach Joanne Hamm and she explained to me that this feat made by Ms. Hlywa was extremely impressive. Not only is it hard to run a tournament, but to do so as a first-time coach is practically unheard of.

Even though judges in speech and debate rank us, everyone actually who learned something from this amazing activity is really a winner. From underclassmen showing up to save the day, to new coaches getting a chance to have a tournament director debut, that Saturday was truly an amazing opportunity for education. I think it is safe to say that speech and debate will thrive at McQuaid for years to come.