Performing Theatre with COVID-19 Restrictions: An Actor’s Perspective


Actor Connor Kresock, ’23, and a few others from the McQuaid Jesuit Fall Production “Art” performed the play to a virtual audience via online streaming, because of COVID-19 safety measures. 

With COVID-19 guidelines, performing a play becomes much more difficult. The restrictions on social distancing limits the amount of people that can perform, due to a small area. Wearing a mask the entire time also presents a daunting task since the actors have to talk much louder to be heard, especially talking through a screen.

“When you’re regularly doing it, you have like 10-20 people, you are friends with everyone in the show, but when there is three people you get to become closer friends than you would with a bigger cast,” says Kresock.

On some days Connor would practice with the person in the other group who had the same role as him. However, most days Connor would practice with his group to perfect the performance.

“In a way it was easier… It was like a practice, but also in a way it was harder because you feel like you are putting on a show, like you are doing something special, when there is no one there, it just does not feel as special,” remarks Kresock.

The performance was a success and went smoothly, even in the times of COVID-19, actors like Kresock still manages to find the enjoyment of doing what he loves.