Mcquaid Philosophy Club is in Session

The Philosophy Club at McQuaid Jesuit is a place for students to gather and ponder life’s deep questions.  This often means tackling controversial topics, yet Club members take pride in their ability to disagree respectfully. 

The club moderator is middle school teacher Mr. David Demers, and he is helped by two student leaders, Daniel Dancuta ’23 and Bobby McCann’23.

In the philosophy club, students choose a topic to discuss, and people have free reign to talk about their opinions on the topic of the day. They talk about anything from the existence of God, to democracy, to political philosophies.

“The topics are more controversial rather than sensitive,” said Dancuta.  However, he explained that students always show great maturity and enjoy themselves when tackling these challenging topics. 

The Philosophy Club has meetings during Flex, usually on Tuesdays, but they are willing to change it depending on availability of the club members.  The club is open to any interested students. 

Dancuata said, “There’s 30 people in the club, but anyone can show up if they’re interested.” 

The meetings are student-run by Dancuta and McCann, but they host them with the help of Mr. Demers who lets them use his room.

“The best thing about the club is that we discuss topics that generally aren’t talked about during school in a positive way,” Dancuta said. 

You might worry that some people would not be that friendly when it comes to people having a different opinion, but that’s not the case. 

“People are definitely friendly when there are different opinions, and we encourage them to have a conversation about it,” Dancuta said.