School Issued Computers Becoming an Issue in Classrooms Everywhere


Each day more and more schools are beginning to provide students with computers to enhance their learning experience, but are these devices preventing students from reaching their full potential in school?

In recent years as technology has progressed the education world has evolved to rely on computers. Whether they are used to complete assignments, do research, teach, grade, and complete various other tasks. Many think that they are now essential to learning but in essence they are just a distraction inside and out of the classroom.

Now that computers have been in schools for a few years some problems have been brought to the surface. The major problem is that many students are easily distracted by sites on their computers or tablets that are not school related.

During a class that is not particularly interesting or a free period, students may gravitate towards going off task to play a game or watch a video. McQuaid Jesuit sophomore, Jack Sawyer says, “There are times when I am tempted to go on games or watch YouTube but there are other times where the Ipads can be very helpful.” This temptation often takes over and students find themselves absorbed inside the screen, not retaining any information being taught. 

Researchers at Michigan state concluded that over 33 percent of class time is nonacademic. This could be one of the main causes of suffering grades. 

Of course, there are programs that can restrict sites and applications on school issued devices but many of these seem to be unsuccessful. Students either find their way around what the program has blocked, or move on to something that has not been blocked yet. There is an extreme amount of sites on the internet and there is no way that a school can block all the non-educational ones.


Some sites cannot be blocked because they are used to teach but they also include non-educational material. YouTube is probably the best example of this.

YouTube has many great videos used to enhance learning but there are also videos on everything else. The administration of a school would not want to disable teachers from using YouTube as a teaching resource. This comes with a consequence as students are free to browse YouTube for any video they please.

Another problem caused by the addition of computers to schools is cheating. At the click of a button students can retrieve answers from the internet for their homework, quizzes, and tests. This is extremely dangerous and harmful for students.

The brains of students are being rewired to think that if they can use their computer to complete an assignment they do not have to put any effort into their work due to the fact that they can just look up the answers.

Something more must be done to prevent non-educational internet use for good