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Our Brotherhood Is Alive at All Levels

By Chase Mauro

As a middle schooler, McQuaid football games are a very surreal experience. This was especially true this season when our team went undefeated. It is spectacular to see how middle schoolers, high schoolers, and McQuaid alumni alike come to see our McQuaid Knights play. With all these people coming to support our team, a middle school student can truly understand the brotherhood of McQuaid Jesuit and how to support our team like a true knight.

McQuaid is more than just a school, it is a community. New kids can become a part of us just by showing up to a game. Students that have been coming to McQuaid Jesuit for many years understand the brotherhood more than anyone and encourage the new kids to come and enjoy encouraging our team.



McQuaid Black and Gold Soccer

By Alex Steele

The 2019 McQuaid modified soccer experience is complete and both teams had great seasons! Modified Black and Modified Gold were coached by Mrs. Franca-Shelley and Mr. Pierri respectively. McQ Black had an interesting season, which was unfortunately plagued by injuries. Nevertheless, the team endured and the players enjoyed their time on the pitch. The team was led by captains Trevor Patel, Harrrsion Aguirre, Finn Costello, and Gianni Sansone. Also leading the charge were goal scorers Quinn Warren and Alex Maury. The team had multiple impressive performances, including defeating Bishop Kearney. McQ Gold had a stirring season with its highs and lows. Despite coming off a late summer injury, Colin Reale was a leading goalscorer, along with Sammy Maaraba.  The team gelled and was able to work together. The Gold team worked hard for some goals earned against rivals Aquinas and Bishop Kearney. Off the field, McQ Gold put in some community service time at Foodlink, as well as enjoying a team bonding event at the Warrior Factory.


The two McQuaid teams clashed at the end of their seasons on All Saints Day in their traditional Black vs Gold face off match on the first of November. The weather was freezing and multiple layers of clothing were a must. The game was refereed by McQ JV Black Coach Hung. The teams battled with amazing plays from both sides. The final score was McQ Black defeating McQ Gold 7-2.  So, while their cleats have been hung up now for the school season, we expect great things to come from the players on both of these teams next fall.


Academic Challenge Bowl!
By Alex Steele, 1/7/2020

Try your mind on these trivia questions . . . In 1972, which NFL team’s defense was given the moniker the “No Name Defense”? Which famous composer’s Great Fugue was greatly criticized by renowned musician Richard Wagner? If you guessed “the Miami Dolphins” and “Beethoven”, then you would be correct! Also correct were your McQuaid Middle School Academic Challenge Bowl Knights when they answered these questions at their last tournament!

Academic Challenge Bowl (or ACB for short) is a quiz-bowl style game where middle school teams compete against each other to answer questions from a huge range of different categories. Correct answers on these toss-up questions are rewarded with points and a chance for your team to score more points with three bonus questions. Each team fields four players during the two, 8-minute sections that make up each game. In between each of the 8-minute rounds, both teams also get a chance to add more points during a Lightning Round.

ACB is organized by NY Masterminds and the McQuaid team, which is coached by Mrs. Hendrick, is in Rochester League 2. There are 15 McQuaid Middle School Students on the team. This year, the opposing teams in our League are Twelve Corners, East Rochester, and Honeoye Falls-Lima. There are about 60 schools in the 14 leagues across New York State.

McQuaid’s first tournament this year was on December 10 where the McQuaid Knights played two matches. The opening match of McQuaid’s 2019-2020 season was a highly anticipated game against our neighbor rivals, Brighton Twelve Corners Middle School. The Knights won the match 255 to 175. The second match at that first tournament was against Honeoye Falls-Lima, which the Knights handily won with a score of 370 to 60. The top scorers of the games were Liam Clark and Alex Steele, who each scored 60 points during their time behind the buzzer in those two rounds.

Come out and support your classmates by watching an ACB match at Twelve Corners Middle School on January 28 or on March 10 at East Rochester. Matches start at 3:30pm.


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