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2017-2018 Staff

Gagan Timsina 20

Gagan Timsina ’20

Timsina has been at McQuaid since 8th grade. He is a sophomore, who enjoys photography. Timsina plays basketball, cricket, and soccer in his free time. He enjoys being around people, and is a very social guy. Timsina beat Francesco...

Tian-Xing Stephens 19

Tian-Xing Stephens ’19

Stephens enjoys pandas, ice hockey and standing in the rain. He can be found standing in the rain, home sleeping or playing hoops with the boys at the local basketball rink. Once went on the Jack Rabbit and regretted every moment...

Francesco Simone 20

Francesco Simone ’20

Simone is a sophomore who has attended McQuaid since 7th grade. He enjoys sports, particularly baseball. His favorite athlete is Gary Sanchez. He beat Gagan 1-on-1 in basketball.

Joseph Shanahan 19

Joseph Shanahan ’19

Shanahan entered McQuaid in 2012 as a member of the first sixth grade class. He spent the previous six years at Seton Catholic School in Brighton, NY. Shanahan enjoys golf, food, traveling, and spending time with friends and family....

Bryan Sanchez 20

Bryan Sanchez ’20

Sanchez began to go to McQuaid during his eighth grade year. He currently rows and plays football for McQuaid. He is currently a sophomore. He does not like long walks on the beach. You can follow him on Twitter for additional...

Charlie Salina 20

Charlie Salina ’20

Salina first came to McQuaid freshman year. This is his first year writing for The Lance. He is a member of the baseball and basketball teams. He enjoys spending time with friends and participating in physical activities.

Sean Reilly 20

Sean Reilly ’20

Reilly enrolled to McQuaid Jesuit as a seventh grader. He plays baseball for McQuaid and for travel baseball. He enjoys camping, fishing and doing other activities outdoors. He has two dogs and enjoys spending time with them as...

Michael Pribe 20

Michael Pribe ’20

Pribe was born in Florida. He came to McQuaid as a freshman. Pribe likes to play basketball, and his favorite NBA team is the OKC Thunder. He likes to hang out with his friends and spend quality time with his family.

Michael Messineo 20

Michael Messineo ’20

Messineo came in as a freshman. He was on the JV football team. He plays lacrosse in the spring, and enjoys playing other sports as hobbies. He is very close with friends and family, and enjoys spending time at McQuaid Jesuit....

Collin McKenzie 21

Collin McKenzie ’21

McKenzie is a brand new student at McQuaid Jesuit this year. He enjoys writing and when he does not have anything else to do he writes his own stories. He takes great pride in being a Journalist for the McQuaid Lance as he believes...

Jaden Marcaida 20

Jaden Marcaida ’20

Marcaida has a fun and loving personality. He's great with kids and is an animal lover. He loves going on wild adventures, along with far camping trips. His favorite activity is spearfishing off the shores of Florida on a hot...

Carl Luther 20

Carl Luther ’20

Luther started going to McQuaid Jesuit in ninth grade. He was the starting center for the McQuaid Jesuit varsity football team this past 2017 season. He enjoys hanging out with friends in his spare time. He likes watching movies...

Kobe Long 20

Kobe Long ’20

Long is a sophomore at McQuaid. This is his second year, he transferred here from Bishop Kearney. He is a varsity athlete and played varsity as a freshman for McQuaid. He aspires to average a 95 in all his classes in a quarter...

Tyler Johnston 19

Tyler Johnston ’19

Johnston enjoys to golf, travel, and spend time with family and friends. He has been attending McQuaid since the seventh grade. Other than The Lance, he is in the Model UN club and the Investors club. He  is very social and enjoys...

Anthony Iglesia 18

Anthony Iglesia ’18

Iglesia is a very caring, loving, selfless person. He is a man for others who loves to play basketball. He is very social and enjoys hanging out with friends. He has attended McQuaid Jesuit since he was in 7th grade.

Aidan Holvey 19

Aidan Holvey ’19

Holvey has been at McQuaid since the first 6th grade class was established in 2012. He spends his time outside of school working as a lifeguard, and volunteering in his family owned dog rescue. He also enjoys reporting on current...

Justin Hanna 20

Justin Hanna ’20

Hanna is a sophomore and has attended McQuaid since 6th grade. He enjoys sports and music. He likes watching the NFL and Family Guy. He likes most types of music, besides country.

Kumar Ghimirey 18

Kumar Ghimirey ’18

Kumar is a senior. He plays varsity soccer. His favorite food is chicken. He likes foreign music. In his free time, he does parkour.

Dimitri Fabre 18

Dimitri Fabre ’18

Fabre plays for varsity rugby at McQuaid. He came to McQuaid as a freshman and has been here since. He enjoys listing to music in his spare time. He has a intense Ultimate Frisbee rivalry with fellow staff writer Anthony Iglesia....

Nate Axtell 19

Nate Axtell ’19

Axtell enjoys to ski, sail and play sports. He came to McQuaid as a freshmen in 2015. He is currently a junior that enjoys to write for the McQuaid Lance. He enjoys to listen to Hip Hop and all other kinds of music.

Joseph Abebe 20

Joseph Abebe ’20

Abebe enrolled into McQuaid Jesuit as a freshman. He plays football and rugby for McQuaid. He enjoys watching professional basketball and football. He also adores the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Ben Brydges 18

Ben Brydges ’18

Brydges plays varsity hockey at McQuaid Jesuit. He is a member of Simba. He is a big fan of the Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, Toronto Raptors, and Notre Dame Athletics. Brydges also plans to study Journalism in college next fall.

Joshua Hill 19

Joshua Hill ’19

Hill is a junior at McQuaid. He aspires to be an artist one day. Hill is a transfer student from Gates-Chili where, like here at McQuaid Jesuit, he played football. Known to the McQuaid Community as Juice.

Mr. Hershel

Mr. Hershel

In addition to advising The Lance, Hershel teaches eighth grade English while also serving as Director of Curriculum Development.  Before moving to Rochester in 2012, he lived and taught in Burlington, Vermont and Boston.

Mr. Fowler

Mr. Fowler

Fowler, a 2008 graduate of McQuaid Jesuit, returned to his alma mater in 2016 to serve as Educational Technologist.

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