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Blake Lee ’24

Lee joined McQuaid Jesuit in 10th grade and previously lived in British Columbia, Canada. He watches hockey and football and plans on playing next year. He is a fan of the Vancouver Canucks. He has an interest in cars and plans...

George Zissis 23
Staff Writer

George Zissis ’23

Zissis came to McQuaid Jesuit his freshman year of high school in the fall of 2019. He is now a junior and is a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Bills, New York Yankees, and the Georgia Bulldogs. He is the oldest of t...

Ethan Schwandt 22
Staff Writer

Ethan Schwandt ’22

Schwandt arrived at McQuaid Jesuit as a 6th grader. Six years later, he is now a senior in high school. His one extracurricular activity at McQuaid is as an admin for the Cinematique Critique club. He has hiked up the tallest...

Dominic Romano 22
Staff Writer

Dominic Romano ’22

Romano has been at Mcquaid Jesuit since he was a freshman in 2018. He now is a senior and is a part of the football and baseball programs here at McQuaid. He is the middle child and only boy of his siblings. He hopes to play ...

William Rappold 24
Staff Writer

William Rappold ’24

Rappold is a member of the Class of 2024 at McQuaid Jesuit and joined in 7th grade. He is a member of the McQuaid volleyball program and is an honor roll student. He also enjoys cooking and watching the Buffalo Bills....

Jake Mulcahy 22
Staff Writer

Jake Mulcahy ’22

Mulcahy came to McQuaid Jesuit in his 8th grade year. He is now a senior at the fine establishment. He has a passion for the past- and present-day fashion industry. He spends much of his spare time buying and selling shoes and st...

Connor Kresock 23
Staff Writer

Connor Kresock ’23

Kresock entered McQuaid Jesuit in the sixth grade; he is one of the few and proud. He is one of the founding members of the Cinematique Critique club, and a prominent member of the McQuaid theatre program. His interests include ...

Jamie Kosten 23
Staff Writer

Jamie Kosten ’23

Kosten came to McQuaid Jesuit in 6th grade in 2016. He is one of the leaders of the Pride Alliance and Modern History Club. He enjoys participating in McQuaid theatre and also loves to ride and take care of horses. He also ha...

Corbin Ferguson 22
Staff Writer

Corbin Ferguson ’22

Ferguson started McQuaid Jesuit in 7th grade. He is now a senior in the graduating class of 2022. He is a frequent actor in the McQuaid dramas and musicals, and he thoroughly enjoys acting and singing, even if he is not very good...

Spencer Donahowern 22
Staff Writer

Spencer Donahowern ’22

Spencer Donahower came to McQuaid Jesuit in 6th grade and is now a senior. He sails for McQuaid and the Rochester Yacht Club, and has been doing that for four years. He also has been sailing for over the summer for fi...

Ethan Danielak 23
Staff Writer

Ethan Danielak ’23

Danielak is a Junior at McQuaid Jesuit and has been attending since 7th grade. He is currently on the FRC robotics team and wants to go into Psychology. He enjoys virtual reality and car culture. He has crashed 26 dirt bikes an...

Mekhi Stephens 22
Staff Writer

Mekhi Stephens ’22

Stephens is a senior at McQuaid Jesuit and began writing for The Lance in the fall of 2021. When It comes to sports at Mcquaid, Stephens has practically tried them all, including wrestling, swimming and diving, baseball, football ...

Aiden Blatter 23
Staff Writer

Aiden Blatter ’23

Blatter began his McQuaid Jesuit career as a 6th grader and has become more involved every year since. Currently playing on the varsity volleyball team, he starts at left bench. He also is very active in theatre, participatin...

Aidan Hanna 23
Staff writer

Aidan Hanna ’23

Hanna came to McQuaid Jesuit during his sixth grade year. He is a member of the varsity volleyball team. He enjoys playing beach volleyball and going fishing in his free time. Hanna is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, Boston R...

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