The State of McQuaid’s Rowing Team, Sports During COVID

McQuaid Jesuit is one of many school communities affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns. As learning and attending school becomes more difficult amid the global pandemic, a major part of school communities is affected in a unique way – sports.

The Row For Hope 2020 Team poses for a photograph in McQuaid Jesuit’s Wegman Center.

McQuaid Jesuit, like all schools in the country, has elected to introduce social-distancing protocols and mask mandates on their campus. But what does this mean for sports? 

McQuaid Jesuit’s Crew team has taken a peculiar approach to the pandemic, choosing to enforce a mask policy and social distancing when possible.

This year we have no regattas, we have to wear masks, we have to stay apart when on land, and we need to thoroughly wash the oars after practice,” says Nic Bailey ‘22, who is a member of McQuaid Jesuit’s Crew team.

While McQuaid rowers are able to practice, that’s just about all they’re having from the sport. For the foreseeable future, all of McQuaid’s Crew regattas and the annual “Row For Hope” race have been canceled.

While crew is not alone in the cancellations of their major events and races, one thing is certain – they’re getting a ton of practice in.