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The Lance

Does Nike Value Quantity Over Quality?
Does Nike Value Quantity Over Quality?
Jake Mulcahy , Staff Writer • November 23, 2021

  Nike is a powerhouse in the modern fashion industry. From hoodies, backpacks, and socks to jackets, Nike is always doing the most. Their biggest market today is their footwear lines, sneakers in particular. Nike’s...

Mcquaid Philosophy Club is in Session
Spencer Donahower '22 , Staff Writer • November 22, 2021

The Philosophy Club at McQuaid Jesuit is a place for students to gather and ponder life's deep questions.  This often means tackling controversial topics, yet Club members take pride in their ability to disagree respectfully.  The...

Coach Bobby Bates with his son Augie
Halloween at McQuaid!
Dominic Romano November 6, 2021

Very few schools celebrated Halloween with as much fervor and excitement as the McQuaid seniors and staff who dress in the most creative, spooky and hilarious costumes.  The Seniors at McQuaid have waited years to be...

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