Bottom of the 9th: MLB Versus COVID


Boston Redsox player walks back to dugout as cardboard fans look on. These cut outs have replaced many of the fans in stadiums now.

In a year where not much is normal, the return of Major League Baseball sheds light on what the future has to hold. Loosened restrictions and a full schedule gives many Americans hope. 

With the MLB’s new season starting about two weeks ago, fans have lined up to attend a game. However, limited capacity has hurt their chances. All but one organization has implemented safety measures regarding how many fans are allowed in. Most stadiums right now are at 12% capacity, except for the Texas Rangers, who are open with 100% capacity.

To keep playing, athletes must Covid test at least every other day. If a player tests positive, they enter a 10 day mandatory quarantine along with any teammates in close contact. Other rules include athletes not being allowed to gather with more than ten people, outside of their colleagues. 

Mask mandates are in effect in most ballparks. This includes both outside and inside the stadium. Fans are socially distanced 6 feet apart from each other with groups sitting up to four people together. 

This is not what baseball fans are used to. No loud chants or jam-packed rows with no where to put your jumbo-sized soda. However, it is a glimpse into what the future holds, a return to normalcy.