The Ups and Downs of the 2020-2021 Senior Year in a Nutshell


College is coming fast and creeping up on many McQuaid Jesuit upperclassmen during the 2020-21 school year. Nearing the end of the Class of 2021’s high school adventure, many mixed emotions have come up and played throughout the year.

During Covid, high school seniors have looked forward to graduating which has been abruptly halted due to the pandemic. The pandemic has caused students’ mental health to deteriorate, making it hard for many students to take the right path and stay on top of their game in school. 

Many students like Jonas Williams, ‘21, have been preparing for college. Williams plans on continuing his studies at St. Bonaventure. 

Many students have broadcasted and advocated that COVID did not play a big part in studies but more of the social aspect and certain things with the process.

“I wouldn’t really say it deteriorated it, but it definitely… played more of a role than it would’ve,” said Williams. 

The college process has been challenging but enjoyable since it started. Many seniors all around the United States have found it to be much lighter and stress relieving with college counselors helping through the process.

 Mr. Grifa, counselor and college counselor at McQuaid advocates and is fighting for students continuing their education at a higher level for 18 years. Many of the responsibilities in Mr. Grifa’s career path changed when McQuaid changed curriculum and how they do classes. 

 Mr. Grifa has been extremely helpful and when asked what was his greatest accomplishment.

“I love when groups of students come back, and sit down and tell me how they’re doing. I think that’s probably my best accomplishment.” 

To have such an amazing support system at McQuaid to guide you and be excited with you for the college process and moving on is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

Senior year so far has had its ups and downs, but helping each other and seeking help from supportive staff has been a major plus for many seniors, myself included.