2021 MLB Season Begins with New and Improved COVID-19 Protocols


2021 MLB season begins with new COVID-19 Protocols as stadiums begin to allow fans

The Major League Baseball season is still in full swing across the country as COVID-19 protocols and standard procedures have been implemented. MLB hopes these rules keep their players safe and allow a long, successful 2021 season.

There have been many rule changes over the offseason in order for games to start on schedule, most of which being COVID-19 rules. Like last season, players will be tested nearly every other day, along with any symptoms and temperatures being recorded twice a day. 

Other procedures are still in play like social distancing of any fans attending games, along with masks, which can only be taken off while enjoying a meal at the ballpark. 

MLB has made some on-field rule changes as well for the 2021 season. The universal DH that was tested last year has been taken out. Double headers will be 7-innings, instead of nine, and teams will start with a runner on second in extra-innings. These changes are just some of the ways MLB is attempting to speed up game time.

One good outcome for this season is fan attendance. MLB stadiums have begun allowing a certain capacity depending on state restrictions. The Texas Rangers are allowing 100% fan attendance for the first time since 2019, giving us a further look into how it will be to return to the action-packed sports games we once loved.

“Personally, I think I’m fine with it as long as the fans feel safe, I’m just happy things are opening back up,” says Patrick Spegar, a junior at McQuaid Jesuit. 

Clubs will need to come prepared for the long run in the 2021 season. The 2020 season was only 60 games, and 16 teams made the playoffs. This year that will change back to the standard 162-game season that was initiated in 1961, with only 10 teams making the playoffs.