McQuaid Sails Into New Season


Members of the McQuaid Sailing team pose during their trip to Hampton, Virginia.

McQuaid Jesuit Sailing is a fun and adventurous sport.  It is a perfect opportunity for McQuaid men to meet people from different school districts, and is open to any grade.

Sailing is a varsity-level sport, but even though it can be mentally and physically challenging, there is no skill-level requirement to join. If students are looking for a varsity letter and are up for trying something new, sailing is the sport to join.

McQuaid sailing is more than just a McQuaid sport. This club involves many different activities such as the annual ski trip, movie nights, and ice skating. If you like water activities, meeting new people, and the chance to do other fun activities, sailing is the sport to do.

“Sailing is a great opportunity to make friends. It is a lifelong sport and helps you learn other skills in life. I would love new people to join. It’s a great experience if you love traveling,” head coach Liam Faudree said.

Every year the sailing team holds an annual regatta in Cleveland, Ohio. They meet teams from many different locations and build relationships upon that. 

“You can use Sailing on your transcript, for work, and colleges. Sailing is also an Olympic sport, so if you’re willing to put in the work you could make things happen,” coach Faudree said.

When some people get older, they can’t pursue all the sports they have in the past. Sailing is the perfect sport for relaxing. After a hard day at work or stressful week, one can always take out a sailboat and just relax on the water and watch the sunset.

“I love sailing. I sailed before joining the team, but I have learned so much since joining. Everyone on the team is great,” Junior Lucas Lewyckyj said.

It is very evident that sailing is a fun and great sport for opportunities. If you’re interested in pursuing new hobbies and potentially making new dreams, sailing is the sport to join.