iPad Games Cause Controversy


Carl Luther '20

Karanveer Blagan uses his iPad to play a game to relax after English class.

You may not be able to play your favorite game on your iPad. At McQuaid Jesuit playing games on your iPad during class is not permitted, but you are allowed to play them after class. However, due to students’ unwillingness to follow this policy, games are being banned.

iPads are a recent addition to McQuaid Jesuit and have been provided to grades 6-12, but not all of the students have the same freedom with iPads. The middle school is not allowed to have any access to the app store, but the high school is. The reason behind this is that they wanted to give students in grades 9-12 more freedom to get apps that will be able to help them in their studies.

However, the high schoolers have been downloading more than just school related apps. Many games and other non-school related apps have been added to iPads.

McQuaid has allowed students to get these games and apps on the one rule that they are not to be played during class. Unfortunately, students have been abusing this policy and have not been listening to teachers.

Due to these games being played in class, they are starting to get banned by the technology department. Some of these games include: Head Soccer, Wolf Simulator, Marvel Contest of Champions, various sound apps and many more. Mr. John Mattia, the Director of Technology, explained, “We are okay with students playing games before class to blow off steam, but games that we find to be a distraction are being blocked.’’ 

There could be a chance later on for these games to be brought back as well. “If students start focusing more on their studies then, it is a possibility for games to be unblocked,’’ Mr. Mattia said.  He also stated that games that cost money and are blocked will not be reimbursed.

He also went on to say that he would be more than happy to have a student voice on iPad decisions in the future.

“There are teachers that have asked that the limits for middle school students be applied to the high school students due to the lack of restraint that we have seen, and that’s certainly on the table,’’ Mr. Mattia said. 

It appears students need to change their ways or else they might lose this freedom altogether.