COVID-19 Present Challenges to Halloween Festivities


This year’s October 31st is going to be a scary time for the Rochester, NY community due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Halloween is going on and people are ordered to stay at home, but are people willing to listen?

Several McQuaid students believe that kids were going to party regardless of the restrictions and a student even said, “kids are going to be kids.” Although most said that kids were going to not follow the guidelines, some still had hope. Some said that teenagers were going to wear masks, social distance, and wash hands as often as possible, but hope is not what is going to get us out of this mess.

According to NBC New York, “Due to Covid-19 the beloved annual New York’s Village Halloween Parade is canceled this year, but you can still participate by watching it online…albeit with a twist.”

Although parades and many events that should have happened during Halloween are canceled, people can still attend these annual traditions online.

Overall, the trend above displays that kids have been trick or treating and not following the guidelines, due to the fact that the cases of coronavirus is increasing according to  The poor and foolish choices made by individuals affects other families.

On Nov. 9, Monroe County hit new highs for COVID-19 cases and this shows what we have been doing during Halloween weekend according to This is bad because it shows that people are going to be reckless, which might lead to another shutdown if vaccines are not ready. With Black Friday, Thanksgiving,  and Christmas on the horizon, it is uncertain if people are going to follow the rules.