COVID-19 Hurts Local Businesses


No government funding combined with a second shut down this winter could seriously impact Rochester’s local businesses, forcing layoffs or even permanent closings. 

As of September 28, almost 98,000 small businesses across the country have permanently closed from the pandemic. This resulted in lost jobs and many Americans being stripped of the American Dream. 

Congress continues to disagree on a beneficial stimulus package for Americans. The House of Representatives approves a 2.2 trillion dollar bill. However, this succeeds the Senate’s 1.6 trillion dollar max. The absence of a bipartisan bill hurts many struggling businesses. 

When COVID-19 first hit, local businesses had to turn to alternative ways to make revenue. With certain businesses being fortunate enough to sell goods online, companies utilized it the best they could.

“During the previous shutdown, we relied on online orders, phone orders, and orders through email or social media,” said Parkleigh’s Operation Manager, David Mejak.

Stores also offered curbside pickup for their orders. Parkleigh used a “six-foot long shepards hook” to add a little humor for their customers.

The previous shutdown caused lots of worrying and stress for everyone. However, Mejak said it taught them more patience, kindness, understanding, cooperation, and optimism.

“People are on the edge, people are frustrated, people are scared. Smile,” said Mejak. 

Continuing to practice social distancing the best we can, wear masks, and respect everyone is the only thing we can do. David Mejak and Parkleigh believe that “we are all in this together.”

“The more we are on the same page with safety protocols now, the sooner we can move to a time where social distancing and masks will no longer be required.”