Superbowl LIV Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Patrick Mahomes (number 15, Red) getting rushed by Tampa Bays defense.

This year the Superbowl was held in Tampa Bay, Florida where it was watched by about 91.6 million people in the U.S. the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

 The game was billed as the greatest quarterback of all time versus the hotshot newcomer. The game was no doubt going to be a battle for the ages.

Starting off the game neither team was looking great. Both defenses were getting stopped before they could get to the endzone. Tampa Bay quickly hit their stride going up in the first quarter with a touchdown by Rob Gronkowski. 

Coming into the second quarter, the Chiefs were struggling with pass protection due two both of their starting offensive tackles (Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher) being out due to injury. This failure to contain Tampa’s defense was constant the whole game ( Patrick Mahomes was pressured on almost 50% of all passing plays) and led to Mahomes getting sacked 3 times.

After half time, the Chiefs had a chance to turn it around and make the comeback they usually can make. But this comeback was quickly shut down by Tampa Bay’s running back Leonard Fournette who ran a total of 89 yards and scored 1 touchdown which shot the Buccaneers ahead 28-9 in the Third.

But other than the Buccaneers running over the chiefs on defense and offense the chiefs had another problem: penalties. Throughout the game, the Chiefs were able to rack up 11 penalties which set the back a combined total of 120 yards. Tyrann Mathieu, the Chief’s free safety, had a few notable penalties. One of which was for “trash talking” Tom Brady after a frustrating play for Mathieu.

Another questionable call against Mathieu was when he and Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans made illegal contact in the endzone, causing Brady’s pass to go flying by. This could have been one of two things either Mathieu interfered with the pass which would result in the ball being placed on the 1-yard line. Or Mike Evans Bumped into Mathieu which would have been offensive pass interference. Referee Carl Cheffers picked the first option and the ball was placed on the 1-yard line resulting in a Tampa touchdown by Antonio Brown.

By the end of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs were down 31-9 and had Officially ended their reign as Super Bowl champions. And Tampa Bay had officially taken over.

In a post-game interview when Mahomes was asked what had happened out on the field, he replied, “I mean I didn’t play the way I wanted too but what else can you do except leave everything on the field”, “they were the better team today they beat us pretty good, the worst I have been beaten in a while.”

When Tom Brady was asked the same question he replied: “We were playing a great football team tonight, but we got the job done, if you want to get this far you have to get the job done and we did.”