The Mini Melts Ice Cream Machine: Melts Our Hearts, Melts Our Wallets


Michael Sutton '22

This is the vendor for Mini Melts Ice Cream, Allen Associates. They are leaving after restocking the vending machine at McQuaid Jesuit High School.

In 2021, McQuaid Jesuit students were blessed with a new lunchtime option. The Mini Melts vending machine presented a variety of flavors of miniature ice cream balls. However, the excitement for this product did not last long. 

The absurdly high prices, poor quality and quantity have discouraged students. Many students believed this vending machine was a source of hope because it reminded them of the old cafeteria at McQuaid, pre-COVID. 

Pre-COVID, McQuaid provided students several options to choose from its full service cafeteria, operated by Lessing’s Food Service Management.  

Presently, during COVID, many students who relied on the cafeteria and never packed a lunch do not have the same access for food choices. They now rely on the various vending machines, which can get very expensive fast, as well as it being a slippery slope to bad health, obesity, and an empty wallet. 

The Mini Melts vending machine is very expensive to run. The students understand that miniature ice cream balls take lots of energy and money to manufacture and keep cold. However, students like Max Newcomb, ‘22, are not pleased with the serving size price for the product. 

“I cannot say that I am pleased with the prices. The amount of individual dots that you get for $4.00 is honestly just absurd,” says Newcomb, ‘22.  “It’s really not worth it, and the fact that they don’t take gold cards just puts me off because, you know especially with no lunches to buy this year, like a lot of us have money on our gold cards left over that we just never use.” 

The price for a singular bowl of Mini Melts at McQuaid is $4.00, which is equivalent to around $102 a gallon, taking in costs for manufacturing, delivery, refrigeration, and labor. McQuaid students paying $4.00 for a small bowl of ice cream deserve their money’s worth.