McQuaid Jesuit’s Provides Top-Notch College & SAT Preparation

McQuaid Jesuits Provides Top-Notch College & SAT Preparation

With adulthood looming in the near distance and a busy senior year ahead, McQuaid Jesuit’s juniors are preparing themselves for their SATs and college.

McQuaid’s current juniors at this point in their academic career have taken the PSAT several times, a preparatory form of the SAT, the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Juniors are expected to take the SAT exam later in their junior year, bolstered by their thrice-taken annual PSAT.

McQuaid is renowned for being a college preparatory school, but how well does it prepare its students for common curriculum, such as the SAT?

Obviously I feel the need to study and prepare on my own time, but I think each PSAT has shown me what format to expect, what I should do to prepare for the SAT, and what questions should be on it,” says Nic Bailey, ‘22.

McQuaid Jesuit, as a preparatory school, is expected to keep their students in tip-top shape, in hopes that every passage of a year brings fresh, studious young men into the adult world.

McQuaid is undoubtedly an excellent preparatory school, as Jack Sawyer, ‘22 as “McQuaid’s heavy workload helps students ease into college without being too overwhelmed at the workload.”

When prompted about exploring colleges, Sawyer said, “Right now I’m more focused on my Junior year academics and SATs.”

With colleges across the country steadily dropping their SAT requirements year by year, we’re presented with a unique situation – college preparatory high schools are still directing effort and students’ focus into the SAT program while colleges are beginning to shift away from aptitude-based admissions.