Women’s History Month Brings Awareness and Questions


Rochester’s Eilzabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony sit for a picture. They both did work in the Rochester area.

Women’s History Month was celebrated this past March at McQuaid and they did their own awareness campaign by doing daily trivia questions on the student’s Schoology app. 

Women’s history is a huge part of not just our nation, but Rochester as well. Kait Hanson of the Today organization says, “Learning about women’s history is essential to a well-rounded education.”

Some students took part in the daily trivia questions to bring more awareness to women’s history. Many students had their own opinions on how things should be done to celebrate Women’s History Month. 

“The biggest change would be to not limit it to a month and kind of be aware and open to the rights of women year round, not just focus on it on a particular month,” says Jayson Chichelli, ‘22. 

Other schools didn’t celebrate women’s history month as McQuaid did, or didn’t at all. Webster Schroeder was one of these schools. 

Sierra Doody, ‘22 who goes to Webster Schroeder said, “I think it’s a good way to bring awareness to the struggles women have been through in the past and present, but I don’t think we should just label it as a specific month, I think people should be made aware of it throughout the whole year.” 

There are many questions about how women’s history should be celebrated to bring the most awareness to the issues. One of the common things brought up is education at a younger age. 

“A lot of men aren’t taught when they’re kids about women’s rights. I think that schools should teach that at a younger age,” said Doody, ‘22. 

How things will be done in the future is unknown however one thing students know is that McQuaid cares deeply about bringing awareness to important topics. Many students are learning and appreciating the opportunity.