Many McQuaid Students Travel Over Spring Break


While most airlines are allowing full capacity flights, planes are often not filling up due to safety concerns customers have towards COVID-19.

Many McQuaid students traveled over spring break despite the very dangerous COVID-19 virus. These students and their families felt that it was safe enough to travel during this pandemic. 

Airports and airline companies have put in safety measures to best protect travelers from contracting the virus. Andrew Smith is a junior at McQuaid and was one of many McQuaid Students to travel to Florida over Spring Break. 

“They enforced proper mask wearing, sanitized the planes after every use, and the airports did their best when trying to keep families socially distanced in security lines and when boarding the plane” said Smith.

It is possible that COVID can be spread through traveling, especially when people can not wear their masks and they are not socially distanced. 

“It’s tough when food and drinks get brought out onto planes because then travelers can not properly wear their mask” said Smith

The CDC recommends that people are supposed to get a COVID test 3-5 days after getting back from vacation. Travelers are supposed to quarantine for those first 3-5 days. 

As long as travelers pay attention to the CDC guidelines and recommendations, everyone will be safe when traveling.