McQuaid Aims to Educate Students About Social Justice


McQuaid Jesuit Mission and Ministry office located in The Wegman Family Science and Technology Center. This is where a lot of ideas are brought up and carried out for students to commit acts of service in the community.

McQuaid Jesuit celebrated Women’s History Month in March by encouraging their students to answer trivia questions about the month.

Respecting women’s history and rights are very important parts of McQuaid’s mission. One of McQuaid’s social justice groups is the He For She Club. This club is for any students interested in learning about women’s rights and discussing how McQuaid and its students can be more active in supporting women. McQuaid took the opportunity to educate their students about these topics in a more fun light.

Every week throughout March McQuaid did a trivia game where students could answer questions about female historical figures and their accomplishments. Every Tuesday new questions would be shared and a prize would be awarded to two randomly selected students in each grade that answered the questions correctly. This is a good way to educate students while still being able to be positive about the topics and make sure students are willing to explore topics that may interest them if they have not explored them before.

Ms. Jordan Cimilluca works in the counseling office and is the main event coordinator for McQuaid’s social justice clubs. Her first-hand experience lets her see a different perspective of the school that not everyone can look into

“I think the social justice clubs have tried really hard to make sure that they are putting issues that are important to them, and getting at the forefront of McQuaid’s community, students, faculty, and staff,” says Ms. Cimilluca.

When it’s all said and done, social justice is a vital part of the McQuaid education. With Black History Month and Women’s History Month being back to back, McQuaid made sure to get useful information out to their students about both months and to have a little fun in the process of learning