The Rise In Child Marriage


The damaging and aloof repercussions of the pandemic is the rise in often overlooked way; one being the issue of child marriage. Countries that burst forth this problematic news are Bangladesh, India, Malawi, Nepal, and the Central African Republic.

Although, globally, we were on an excellent track to slow down the practice of child marriage. However, due to the pandemic and challenging situations, families across the globe had to endure painful truth about the struggles brought by child marriage.

Bhadra Sharma and Jeffrey Gettleman from “The New York Times” reported a small village in Nepal has struggled with this challenge. Going a little further, they interviewed a girl going by the name of Sapana, who, before the Pandemic, had dreams and aspirations of separating herself from the life of poverty by focusing on her studies. However, in the wake of the Pandemic, she had no choice but to stop her studies. 

 “Things might have been different if I hadn’t discontinued my studies,” Sapana said.

In a time of desperation, her only choice was to leave behind her studies and stay at home. As she stayed at home, she was forced into the marriage culture and thus, took on a different life. A life that she was trying to avoid. And she is not alone; millions of other girls just like Sapana had to leave their dreams and start a life filled with struggles.

Data from the International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) shows that “In India, 45 percent of girls are wedded below 18 years”. Followed by Malawi, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, their percentages are 70.6, 66.62, and 63.1 respectively.”

Another data from International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) said, “Majority of girls who were married below 18 years are from poor and below poverty line (BPL) families. Nearly 80 percent of girls face domestic violence (beaten, slapped, or threatened), health problems. Most of the girls who are married before 18 years are likely to get pregnancy problems, and there have been death cases reported.”

These statistics show the growth and immense problems brought about by this false system of motherhood.

This idealism is destroying the youth’s future and is pushing humanity towards a route they are trying to avoid.

Overall, COVID-19 has amplified the systemic and artificial inequities of child marriage.