McQuaid Ski Club Welcomes All Abilities


McQuaid Ski club; chill and fun!

Ski Club is a McQuaid Jesuit extracurricular for people that really enjoy skiing or snowboarding.   However, it is certainly not restricted to seasoned skiers who can do tricks in the park.  All skiing abilities are welcomed.

Ski Club is more than just skiing.  Members can snowboard, chill in the lodge and meet new people. Ski Club is more of a social event to get outside your comfort zone.

Assistant to the Athletic Director Mrs. Amy Sheffer said,  “The goal of Ski Club is to get new kids to try a new sport and bring back the kids that enjoy skiing and don’t want to be on a team or aren’t fast enough to be on a team.”

McQuaid Ski Club is a great club and it is encouraged that people who are interested take the opportunity to join. The spots are limited, so it is first come first served.  But there is always an opportunity for the kids that didn’t get into the club to get a chance to go up to bristol sometime.

If you don’t know how to ski, McQuaid Ski Club is a great chance to learn. 

“It is helpful for the kids that want to learn to ski because every lift pass comes with a free lesson if you’re interested,” Sheffer said.

If you are sick of being in your house all winter because you have nothing else to do, Ski Club is just the thing to get involved with.  It’s easy to learn, and it’s factored in with your purchase.

Seventh grader Nick Miller said, “My experience with McQuaid ski club is awesome. I enjoy being able to meet new people and make friends. It is my first year of Ski club this year, and I would recommend other students to get involved.”

McQuaid Jesuit Ski Club is more than just a club. It is an amazing experience that you would not want to pass on. Get involved! Join McQuaid Ski Club.