The L.A. Rams Will be Super Bowl Champions


The two QB’s will battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

Imagine standing in the tunnel at the SuperBowl; you see Joe Burrow walk off of So-Fi field alongside Jamarr Chase. Behind the heartbroken Bengals in a blur of blue and gold confetti you see Matt Stafford lift up the Lombardi trophy. This will become reality on February 13.

The Bengals vs Rams is a Super Bowl matchup like no other. American football fans are conflicted. Never have two teams been so likeable in the Super Bowl.  Yet unfortunately for the Bengals this is not a popularity contest. Although they have the most exciting young duo in the league, the Rams are a matchup nightmare at almost every position.

The Bengals offensive line has been struggling to protect Burrow all year, and the front seven for the Rams may be their hardest challenge yet. Aaron Donald and Von Miller will change the game for the Rams. Donald will go through the line like a hot knife through butter. Joe Burrow will have no time to get the ball off with the amount of pressure the Rams will bring.

Now for Jamarr Chase: the rookie has had a great season–there is no denying that. He has broken records and made big plays for the Bengals. Yet the man lining up across from him is a generational talent at his position. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey is the only person in the league I would be confident with handling Jamarr Chase all game. Joe Burrow’s favorite target will be shadowed by the best player in the league at his position, and shut down.

I am not trying to take anything away from the Bengals. They are a great young exciting team with a bright future ahead. Yet even though they have had an amazing playoff run, I believe that their run will come to a halt when they face the Rams Sunday night.