Shakespeare in Hollywood comes to McQuaid


Mcquaid Jesuit brings fun and laughter for students with the fall production of Ken Ludwig’s comedy, “Shakespeare in Hollywood”

With this play, Mr. Jeff Suida looks to bring entertainment and laughter to McQuaid Jesuit’s community.

“It’s a play I’ve liked for a long time and coming off of ‘Our Town’ which was pretty serious I wanted something more goofy,” Mr. Suida says.

The actors and actresses also loved doing this play. 

Sean Beechey ‘23, who played the Dick Powell in the play says, “It’s my favorite show I’ve done…Even though it’s a comedy, it’s really good.” 

I went to the play opening night and it was quite funny. All of the jokes were comical and were pretty understandable for those in the audience, so you will not have to worry about jokes going over your head.

I went to the play with my brother Daniel Hanna ’24 and he loved it.

“It was a hilarious show and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while” Hanna says.

And he isn’t wrong. Everything about the storyline was hilarious and the chaos that was in it was great.

Mr. Suida, actors, actresses, and the stage crew did a great job in making this play. So if you decide to go to this play you will not be disappointed. It’s a great play and I guarantee you’ll be laughing at some point. 

All in all, you should see this play, I guarantee you will have a great time.