The Joker Disturbs

The Joker Disturbs

People predisposed to mental illness should avoid Todd Phillip’s new film, “Joker.” This movie is a descent into a dark labyrinth of the Joker’s mind. The movie rationalizes evil and leaves the viewer wondering why they should moderate their violent thinking. 

“Joker” portrays the dangers of mental illness in a very realistic and dangerous way.

Arthur Fleck, (The Joker) was physically abused, bullied and not loved or cared for his entire life. He suffers from depression, anxiety, and pseudobulbar which is a condition that makes him shrill in a unique laughter at any moment.  “Joker” has the audience sympathize with Fleck as he spirals into a psychopathic killer. Fleck stops taking his medication for his mental illnesses. Without his medication he is unable to think logically and turns from Fleck into the Joker. 

Fleck’s mental state is so twisted that he finds killing people funny. He blames society for his actions saying everyone is mean and rude. He then kills the people that were mean to him.

The movie is scary because it is so realistic. Many theaters advised that children should not see the movie even with parental supervision. The audience empathises with Fleck as he kills people because they understand his background. This makes it dangerous in a world where bad things are happening as a result of mental illness. 

At the end of the movie it shows Arthur cheered on by those rioting and glorifying the murders that he committed. If seen by the wrong person, they might believe if they do something bad that they would be praised for it as well. 

“Joker” has its finger on the pulse of contemporary topics. First and foremost the issue with mental illness. With the many people I have talked to about this movie they describe it as dark, twisted, evil and realistically scary. 

Even though all these things are true the movie is still a fantastic movie that is very well filmed. This movie does not give any hope for Fleck to fix his wrongs. Do not allow this to be a deterrent to watch the movie because it is still a fantastic movie with many great qualities.