Tim Nally ’67 retires after a job well done at McQuaid


Tim Nally speaks at Agape Latte on October 24th.

Mr. Tim Nally ‘67, Director of Major Gifts, after loving McQuaid Jesuit as a student, and still loving it as an employee, retired this past December.

Nally ‘67 came to McQuaid Jesuit in 2012 and was asked to help with fundraising for various things for McQuaid. One in particular that all the students love now is the Wegman S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Center. Based on Nally’s McQuaid and Rochester community connections, he was a great fit for this.

”Father Ed Salmon, president of McQuaid at the time asked me to head the capital project, which included building the Wegman family S.T.E.M center,” remarked Nally. 

Nally loved McQuaid as not only the building itself,  openness he could have with his colleagues, friends, and especially the students. Even at 71 years-old, he still pokes fun at the students and they love him for that and many are sad to hear about his retirement.

When Nally  was a student himself, he needed the discipline of McQuaid to be able to succeed in life. This is also one of the reasons why he sent his sons here as well: to learn from the discipline that the school teaches, as well as college preparation McQuaid offers that is like no other.

“McQuaid requires that we have to write a million 3-page papers during the McQuaid education. When the guys come back to visit during college, they all say McQuaid prepared me so well for the college experience. They all say ‘ya know I spent a couple hours on a paper and I get an A, my roommate grinds for 3 nights and gets a C, everybody says that.”

Nally loves McQuaid and will still come back for sporting events to be with the guys and continue to connect and engage with the McQuaid community. Nally will be remembers as the embodiment of the brotherhood that McQuaid stands for and represents for each class of Knights. Havin done his job and accomplishing so much in his eight years as Director of Major Gifts, Nally now he feels it’s time to pass the torch.