Golf Team Prepares for Upcoming Season


The McQuaid Golfing Knights hold the Section V brick after winning sectionals last season at Wildwood Country Club.

It was only January, but preparations for golf season had already begun. Contrary to popular belief, golf is a sport that can be played indoors.

The Joe Lusardi Golf Academy is home to three indoor practice hitting simulators as well as a fitness center. Players have full access to the simulators, providing an opportunity for players to get ready for the year.

The players will be working out in the weight room until the first match, which is scheduled for April 10 at Oak Hill Country Club, the team’s home course.

Lead by senior captain Jack Bailey, the team is looking like it is going to have the most depth it has had in years. The team includes eight seniors, two sophomores, and a junior.

“I’m looking forward to this year. We have a lot of talent and a lot of depth,” senior golfer Tyler Johnston said. “I believe if we work hard, we’ll have a very successful season.”

The team is looking to defend their Section V title, in which they narrowly topped Victor and Brighton at Wildwood Country Club.

With talent growing by the year, McQuaid is looking again like a strong favorite this year.

“I think there is a lot of talent in Section V,” Coach and English teacher Mr. Dan Gorton said. “We look forward to competing this season.”

The McQuaid golf program has developed some impressive golfers through the years.  Dom Bozzelli, class of 2010, played golf under Coach Gorton. Bozzelli played on the tour and eventually earned his PGA tour card. He is now a member on the PGA tour and recorded a top-5 finish at the 2019 Desert Classic in La Quinta, California.

The golf program at McQuaid Jesuit has had a very long line of success over the years, and players and coaches are looking forward to continuing that success in the coming years.

With only weeks to go until the team tees off for the first time, preparations are being made and the team is more ready than ever to take home another sectional title.